Story of Tamakhu

The story of Tamakhu begins in Huntington Beach, California. In 2020, two childhood friends from the South region of Nepal gathered for the first time in California after 18 years. Both of us were interested in coffee and tea since our childhood has passed tasting a variety of tea and coffee from the Himalayas of Nepal. One day, we met at Huntington beach and shared our past and future plans. With a sip of coffee and an amazing view of the beach, we started to discuss plans and discovered that both of us are interested in the coffee and tea business. We discussed the process and plans to bring delicious, flavored tea and coffee from the Himalayas of Nepal and make the American people taste amazing, flavored tea and coffee. Nepal is historically rich in producing a variety of coffee and tea in the Southern region of Asia. Tamakhu wants to bring the rich culture of tea and coffee from the Himalayas to the United States of America. In the future, we will be importing a variety of coffee and tea from around the globe. The physical shop will be starting soon in Los Angeles of California. Tamakhu hopes that it will bring happiness and smile to the people of America through its delicious, flavored coffee and tea.

It is always thrilling to bring together rural Himalayan and other parts of the world tea makers with international tea lovers, we all working towards a common goal of a fantastic tea and coffee that empowers more people around America. That goal continues to motivate and drive us, and you join the journey by drinking these teas and coffees. 



Huntington Beach, California

Place where "Tamakhu" was created...